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The Permanent Battery Replacement Unit for your CNCs

Has this happened to you?
You power down your Fanuc control for a few week over a summer holiday, and when you power it back on, it has lost its parameters and will not start! Did you know that Fanuc uses common D cell alkali batteries or non-rechargeable Lithiums to support your CNC’s memory when the power is off? Did you know that this battery has a life expectancy of only 1-5 years – and when it dies, it takes your CNC’s memory with it?

The Solution:
The MxBRU Battery Replacement Unit addresses a unique opportunity in the CNC control marketplace. Today, hundreds of thousands of CNC controllers rely upon a non-rechargeable battery backup that needs regular replacement and is not environmentally friendly. The CMOS memory (SRAM) in many machine tools controls (especially Fanuc CNCs) all need a power source to hold their critical parameters and part programs when the power is off. The MxBRU address all these problems. Memex has a field-tested, non-volatile MxBRU (Battery Replacement Unit) that can be configured in 3.0VDC (Fanuc 16/18/15B/20/21), 3.6VDC (Fanuc Alpha Drives), 4.5 VDC (Fanuc 0/3/10/15A/Absolute Encoder, etc) & 6 VDC output voltages. The MxBRU Rev 3.0 board is rechargeable with a 7-24VDC feed from the control. It uses technology from our “Perma-Charge Battery System” found in our MME Fanuc 6, 9, 11 & 12 Memory Upgrades.

  Fanuc Lithium Battery vs.
e.g. CR17450SE-R(3V)
Memex MxBRU Rev 3.0
SKU-7600 (3, 3.6, 4.5& 6 DC Volt Output)

Life Expectancy:

Up to 5 years, depending on frequency
and duration of power-offs (changed yearly)

20 Years +

Est. Max.Duration:

Average of 1 year off-time (cumulative)

Average of 1 year off-time (cumulative)
between charges

Action on Power-up:

None – remains at same depleted level

Fully Recharges in 8 hrs or less

No. of Recharges:

None – replacement is only option

Infinite - Auto Recharges

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